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6. june 2015

Back to where climb2surf.com started, to bouldering in Engelberg.
Enjoy some moving pictures and interview about the area, filmed
by Kurt Hötzl. (Engelberg is at 1:04:55)

Rewind the youtube clip to watch the entire movie containing
entertaining interviews with the developers of some 
bouldering areas in Central Switzerland and of course some 
great bouldering action :)

2. march 2014

Travelling again a lot in Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia. Enjoy
the new video clip by the Fried Bikinis that reflects this desire
for surf when you can't :)  


Directed, filmed and edited by Timon Rupp (TimonRupp.com
as a tribute for the first swiss surfing movie 'I wanna Surf' (IwannaSurf.ch)

26. sept 2012

11 days of surf on the waves around Peniche with this awesome crew

1. sept 2012

that was a great summer climbing and bouldering in Engelberg. This pic
is on one of my favorite boulders "Lieblingslaster Eitelkeit" 7c+

28. feb 2012

Winter waves in Portugal. We went back and had 6 weeks long great
waves and sweet winter sun.

4. nov 2011

2 weeks surfing in Portugal, looking forward to
spend the wintertime there!

11. aug 2011

Whoa, that has been a long time in between
travels to the ocean! The last year was a journey
into the music. Now we are back to surfing and just
back from 7 weeks surfing in Guate and El Salvador.

24. apr 2010

We passed the sweet wintertime in morocco surfing
those wonderful pointbreaks. This summer we look
forward to some swizzy bouldering

4 nov 2009

The Central America surftrip was great! 2 Months of 
quality surf days, meeting up with friends from all 
over the world to have a chilled time on some beautiful
spots ... can't ask for more. 

9 feb 2009

Not much travelling this year, but heaps of music.
Last thursday we had a dream start at the minimum
in Zuerich. See myspace to the left for the next concerts. 

nov 2008

Videoclip to 'Single for a week' filmed in Sardinia ... 
jups, the mediterranean can have some awesome waves!

aug - sept 2008

  One week israel, two weeks sardinia and three weeks
  west of france. Seeing friends, surfing all kind of
  waves, windswell and groundswell in all sizes. 
  After every trip, back to CH to organise stuff for 
  the al-berto music project. Crazy intense times, 
  but it was worth the experience. Below some
  impressions of the Quicksilver Pro in Hossegor


23. april - 25. july 2008

  42 days of riversurf in 3 months. I am so happy 

11. april 2008

  My little board had to lay quietly for 4 months. Over
  easter it had the chance to wash the layer of dust away 
  with the help of some mediterranean swell. 

25. february 2008

  The fried bikinis are recording a 4 track EP at luli's.
  This is a beautiful project like surfing n climbing it's 
      J u s t   f o r   t h e   E x p e r i e n c e

20. november 2007

  I just love Sunzal more and more ..

25. october 2007

  Cala Barca in Mallorca is deep water solo heaven.
  The waves are sometimes perfect, too.

9. september 2007

  Dave Gisler does the first ascend of Kiana 8B in Engelberg!
  It is a steep 6 mover line on tiny crimps, with a savage crux.
  Dave thinks it is an 8A+/B, but in the end its Barti who writes 
  down the grades into www.boulderberg.com :)

  Barti cleaned the line in 2003 and in 2005 they started to
  work on Kiana. Last year Dave was already very close to
  send it and Chris from Wales climbed the stand start 8a
  ... today was the day ... yepeah!

20. august 2007

  There was a lot of rain in the last two months over Switzerland. So there
  was not much climbing to do. Barti went looking for waves around Lucerne
  and found heaps of static waves. Most work only once or twice a year though:) 

19. july 2007

   We gonna perform as the Fried Bikinis at minimum on the 2nd of August 
   Thanks to the minimum crew for the inivitation! 

1. july 2007

   Tabea with the local surf legend at the hardbruecke, zuerich 

12. june 2007

   Deep Water Solo in Mallorca was ridiculous -- Cooper

11. june 2007

   We gonna perform as the Fried Bikinis at Schuer on the 11th of july!
   Thank you Gisi for the invitation! 

23. april 2007

   Here a piece of the happy surfer scene of Guatemala. On crowded w-e there are around
   60 guys in the water, we all know each other and we still celebrate every wave! 

1. april 2007

   Travelling is living -- so true
   Mankind is divided into sheeps and wolves - i am a cat

13. jan 2007

   Back to life, back to the ocean. The next 4 months will be
   filled with warm water from the central american pacific
   coasts. Lucky me ... 

24. sept 2006 

   performed in the schuur in lucerne. 
   A night where everybody had just a great time
   what is that? it's climb2surf music fried with
   toenails rock


   28. august 2006
   2 months in switzerland, 2 months away from the ocean.
   But there is the swiss river surfing on the standing wave
   of bremgarten. Such a good community. The wave is tiny
   and the people are so psyched to ride it. They gave me 
   a complete new view on surfing again. 

   9. july 2006

   The last 4 months have been the most beautiful of my life.
   I had the chance to live the here and now wherever I was.
   Wherever I was I felt like home. Now I am home and the
   happiness goes on cause the wave of life is everywhere.
   Surf it everyday and drop in into life, don't hold back
   cause you might drown in boredom. 

   3. march 2006

   It has been a long time since the last change of this page.
   Finally i have time again to document the travelling. It is
   good to be able to live the dream again. 
   Thanks to all these guys for taking pictures that are here
   on this site. Sorry for not giving the credits on every pic
   taken by them: In chronological order                
   Dominik Seitz -- Cresciano, Susten, Alpenroesli (Engelberg) CH
   Sebastian Beck -- Alpenroesli + Brunni (Engelberg, CH) 
   Marta Prada -- Foron (France), Zorg (CH) 2001
   Martin Schweizer -- Zorg 2002
   Urs Schoenenberger -- Cresciano 2002
   Stefan Rothen -- Pipe/Quarter Jochpass 2003
   Stefano Schroeter -- Pipe Titlis 2003
   Dominik Seitz -- Engelberg, Tessin 2003
   Annina Blaas -- Engelberg, Tessin 2003
   Payeto Y Michi Anzueto -- Pinares del Norte, Guatemala 2004
   Pedro Pablo Vergara -- Iztapa, Guatemala 2004
   Jose Pablo Anzueto -- Iztapa, Guatemal 2004
   Stephen Ford	-- Phoenix BoulderBlast, Arizona 2004
   Annina Blaas -- New Zealand + Australia 2004
   Cooper Roberts -- Castle Hill, New Zealand 2004
   Alon Cohen -- Castle Hill, New Zealand 2004 
   Stuart Whyte -- Castle Hill, New Zealand 2004
   Wouter and Agnes -- Grampians, Australia 2004
   Francisco Portugal -- Grampians, Australia 2004
   Peter Mardklint -- Grampians, Australia 2004
   Sebastian Beck -- Engelberg Snowboard 2005
   Kate Swain -- Western Australia 2006  
   Stuart Patridge -- Grampians 2006 
   Alon Cohen -- El Salvador Guatemala 2006
   Cooper Roberts -- El Salvador Guatemala 2006
   Tabea Schwab -- Guatemala, El Salvador, Mallorca 2007
   Cooper Roberts -- Mexico, Guatemala, Mallorca 2007